The Summit

  • Dec 22
  • Oct 11

    Cut the Cable Cord

    OVER THE TOP & CONNECTED TV (OTT/CTV) Raise your hand if you have cut the cable cord ????. With so many options people do not need to stick to Cable ...

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  • Jun 11
  • Feb 2

    Leads From the Competition

    Geo Fencing Part 2 of 4 Geo fencing As consumers; company’s are serving ads daily, hourly and every minute targeting us. I am sure you heard or were directly effected ...

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  • Jan 7

    Reach Your Audience On The Go

    Geo Fencing Part 1 of 4 Advance Targeting Display (ATD) Using targeting that gets your message in front of your audience at all times. Geo fencing comes in many forms and targets ...

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