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Best Digital Marketing Campaign For Your Business In 2021

Published September 24th, 2020 by PEAK 9 Digital

Digital marketing in the New Year

I think we can all agree 2020 came with a lot of challenges. We all faced struggles, restructuring and financial qualms. One thing that is certain is the way consumers are shopping and the way businesses are being found. Did Covid-19 give businesses the push they needed to change some of their outdated structure? I mean, digital marketing did not just pop up overnight. Many business models used a mix of Print, Broadcast and Digital marketing to advertise however, now the time to be in front of your consumer more often and in ways your marketing dollars generate a return on investment is imperative.

So how are consumers shopping and searching for services?

It is no surprise that with more people working from home, online shopping and searches have increased at least 30% just in Q1and Q2 in 2020 alone. Is your business being found online with all this added traffic? Now is the time to make changes to your marketing strategy and focus on reaching your target audience based on where they are searching. Trust me you are not alone in these changes. Marketing and advertising companies are working hard these days to help clients stay ahead of the curve. Digital marketing and advertising have always been proven ways to generate more business and increase revenue however, there are better ways to get a better return on your investment which brings me to direct to consumer marketing.

OTT/CTV: a new way to reach the consumers working from home and social distancing

So, what is the heck is OTT? OTT (Over the top) Ads are served to a targeted audience who cut the cable cord. Beautifully created video advertisements designed to get your brand and services in front of the right consumers via streaming services over a device such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime etc. Getting your message in front of a targeted audience that will see your ad on their TV via streaming device and laptop or desktops using the TV apps like Sling, Netflix or Fubo for example.  CTV (connected TV) ads are also served to a targeted audience using a connected TV like Plato TV on Vizio TV’s, chrome cast or Roku. Great thing is when you advertise using OTT and CTV you cast a larger net and get in front of a much larger audience but the best part is it relatively cheaper than traditional TV commercial spend.

Opportunity for increased growth

Are you intrigued yet? “I want my business to stay in the same growth pattern forever - said no one ever!” OTT and CTV are not the only digital marketing options that will offer business growth and branding awareness for your business. Digital advertising consists of multiple avenues to get your message across. Peak 9 Digital is always striving to be ahead of the “Jones” so they can work on keeping up with us. Here are a few ways you can increase your business and revenue with digital marketing and Peak 9 digital ad agency.

  • Social Media Ads & Management (Target Your Audience on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin And Twitter).
  • Email Marketing- Conquest Outside of Your CRM With Beautifully Created Emails That Keep Consumers Engaged and Taking Action to Purchase or Inquire.
  • Geo-Fencing- Reaching Consumers Directly on Their Mobile Devices and Via IP. Address. Display Ads That Create Call to Actions and Drive Traffic to Your Business.
  • Youtube And Video Roll Ads on Spotify, Pandora And YouTube Music.

Peak 9 digital ad agency works with businesses small and large to elevate marketing to new heights. We would love to hear from you if you have questions about how to get your business up to date and increase revenue using OTT / CTV and digital marketing.

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