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Published February 2nd, 2021 by PEAK 9 Digital

Geo Fencing Part 2 of 4

Geo fencing

As consumers; company’s are serving ads daily, hourly and every minute targeting us. I am sure you heard or were directly effected by the latest Facebook update, which logged almost every person out of his or her accounts. The update was to “create more transparency” with their tracking abilities however, was I the only one researching why I was logged out? The good news is you can control how much and what Facebook can track and update your settings and the even better news is as a business you can target consumers more accurately. We can talk more about Facebook later, for now let’s talk about Geo Fencing…

HOW DOES Geo fencing WORK?

Many types of ads define Geo fencing; display, video, over the top-OTT (cable cord cutters), keyword contextual, addressable and physical location (Geo fence). If I told you your business could target potential customers by placing an invisible fence around competitor’s locations, would this be beneficial for your business? Of course, I already know this answer. Umm YES! So here is how it works. You can share your message whether it is a promotion, call to action or giveaway with consumers that are at your competitions locations and locations relevant to your target audience. For example; if you are a Dealership and you want to target Buy here pay here consumers we could target not only your competition but also places like tire shops, mechanic shops, collision centers, check cashing places ect. We do all the creative for you and share the detailed reporting on monthly reporting calls. It’s really that simple.

We can help you get your message in front of your target audience with whatever message you want to promote. Another benefit is retargeting consumers for up to 30 days. Repetition is key to branding and gaining a new clients interest.

Why Geo Fencing Works With All Ad Campaigns

Peak 9 digital will have an in depth intake call to create a marketing plan for your campaign. We will determine details and creative for theads. With geo fencing we will strategically place your advertisement in front of a targeted audience by using geographic locations such as competitors which, will increase click through rate, leading to more conversions and a lower cost perconversation than what you would find with a pay per click campaign. Capturing your consumer’s attention while they are in research orbuying mode will only increase your branding and awareness. Peak 9 digital custom builds out the campaigns based on your audience, product or service, which gives you a competitive edge and exclusivity.

*Don’t forget that once consumers leave your ad or website we will serve your ad retargeting the consumer for 1 week to 30 dayswhile tracking the conversion process.

Opportunity for Increased Growth

In a nutshell...

Digital advertising consists of multiple avenues to get your message across. Peak 9 Digital is always

Striving to be ahead of the “Jones” so they can work on keeping up with us. Here are a few ways you can increase your business and revenue with digital marketing and Peak 9 digital ad agency.

Peak 9 digital ad agency works with businesses small and large to elevate marketing to new heights. We would love to hear from you if you have questions about how to get your business up to date and increase revenue using Geo fencing and digital marketing.

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