Reach more customers with Geo fencing for Home service companies or Automotive businesses.

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Targeted audience, reach on mobile, desktop, on apps and on Streaming TV:

Geo fencing

Technology that lets you target the audience you want as Detailed as you want. Reach by keywords searched, location, Address and re target them for up to 30 days.


With everyone cutting the cable cord & using More services via streaming; now there are even better ways to reach the consumer. We use video you Already have or can create a new videos to Reach your target audience on their TV, Laptops, IPads, Cellphones and best thing is it is way cheaper Then traditional broadcasting.

OOH (Out of Home)

Have you ever wondered how you Can reach people watching the movie Intros and trailers on the BIG screen? Bingo! It Is called OOH. Displays on restaurant tables, Jukeboxes At the bowling alley or pubs even DIGITAL BILLBOARDS. Get your message across your target market Everywhere someone is looking.

Stay top of mind with messages right to where your customers are looking:

Out of home media or also known as outdoor media is a great way to get ahead of the competition. Peak 9 digital agency works with your team to create compelling video, ads and creative to reach your consumer on multiple platforms. Why should you just limit your business marketing to the basics? Our Ad guru’s know the best places to market your Home services or automotive business so you get the best Return on investment.