What We Do

Advertising is always evolving just like our lives today. The days of putting an ad in the newspaper or an industry specific publication are a thing of the past. The world has shifted from analog to digital and staying relevant is so important!

How would you like to generate more customers, generate and increase revenue and elevate your target audience with creative branding and brand strategy?

Peak 9 Digital is the creative house that will create the BEST marketing plan to help your business lift to new elevation.

We are the creative force behind Automotive, Law, Health/Medical, Home Services and Food/Entertainment campaigns. The professionals, who know your audience, know your business and specialize in staying up to date on industry changes.

Here are branding and creative digital solutions that make us your Digital Gurus!


This Long-term strategy will elevate your business for Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. SEO helps your business stay relevant and rank on search pages. We use Keyword strategy and planning along with account management to optimize your website and search result’s our creative geniuses and unique approach will help your business be found organically.


Generate new customers with increased traffic to your website. SEM uses paid ads on search Engines to promote your message, target your specific target audience and work with you to increase sales. Peak 9 Digital’s Gurus will put in the hours of dedication to build out and execute Performance while managing best strategies for success. We manage all components of your Google campaign and report to you weekly with detailed analytics.

Geo Fencing

Not to be confused with Geotargeting. Geotargeting is delivering ads to people inside a defined area who are within certain criteria as to where Geo Fencing is a multilevel approach. We target by Keywords, Demographic, and geographic area even TV and video ads. Let’s just say this is the perfect way to generate clients from a competitor. Peak 9 Digital’s marketing specialist will create a plan that covers all bases to ensure you get the best ROI.

Social Media Mgmt & Ads

We create, manage and drive engagement on all social media platform fit to ensure your message is seen. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube are all media outlets we can generate engagement, branding and customers. We create content that is fresh, relevant and drives your message to your audience because lets face it social media is one of the first things people check when they wake up in the morning.


Whether you are in need of an E-commerce site, have one already built and need a refresh or want to migrate to a better system our E-Commerce developers will use the best platform for your business. Our E-commerce gurus are highly training in using BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Shopify or Magento platforms.

Website Development / Design

When you need a brilliant design and fast load speeds, you will find peace of mind in the hands of our web developers. We focus on keeping your content localized to elevate traffic to the site while making sure your site is mobile optimized and responsive. If you need updates, we have you covered and it will not take weeks to complete. Our websites offer customizable design, unlimited pages and Google Analytics ready.

E-Mail Marketing

Reach more clients with creatively designed email templates, which will target your CRM list. Don’t have a list? No worries! We can create a list specific to your target audience to help you target more consumers and get your message out with multiple drops monthly. Our creatively crafted and design execution will be complete with embedded images, backlinks and direct links to important offers, information and your website.

Project Management

Dedication to helping our customers level up. Your campaigns will not only have a team of digital gurus to guide you through our process; our goal is to be available when you need us. Providing you with a project manager who is not overwhelmed with too many clients and campaigns. Offering our clients multiple campaign hours, weekly conversations, updates and reporting.

Creative/Branded Content

Catch the eye of your target audience with creative content, branded content to drive SEO and Ads and creatively designed campaigns. Build awareness for your brand and create an identity. We work directly with you or your marketing team to discover everything from color schemes, themes and overall feeling. Your branding is the way people recognize you and most of all remember you.