“Second place is the 1st Loser”

Peak 9 Digital Agency has a proven record

Of helping businesses achieve more...SALES, REVENUE & LEADS.

Auto shoppers are online! Doesn’t matter if you are a BIG dealership, Smaller independent or tire repair shop. Consumers are online & educated. An effective marketing company with automotive expertise, keeps your business on the road to success & growth.

To beat the competition you have to be more efficient

Be everywhere people are searching online

Show up on top of search engine pages i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing

Use Geo-Fencing

Geo fencing gives you the advantage to get customers that are in a competitor's location to leave and visit your business. Detailed reporting showing how many people saw your ad, clicked on the ad, where they were located and when they came to your business.

Target the right audience

To get the best ROI (return on investment) it is best practice to target your typical customer. A Buick dealership has a different clientele than a Ford dealership and a Dealership customer is different from a tire repair shop. Appeal to your target audience based on Age, household income, hobbies, search history and Interest.

Be creative & use all the tools available

Use all types of marketing, do NOT limit your business to the bare minimum & same ol’ same ol’. Beat the competition by including multiple marketing outlets like Video ads, In-App programmable display, print marketing expanding your reach by over 600k.

Retarget & Conquest

Email campaigns to conquest outside of your CRM with matchback. Using retargeting will keep your message in front of people who have seen, clicked or liked an ad.

We target the right audience to keep them engaged on your website, clicking on your ads and walking them through a call to action. Resulting in a potential customer & sale.

Too many vendors to keep up with? Let us manage your vendors and take the burden off your shoulders. Keep everything under one roof. Peak 9 Digital Agency offers one stop shop solutions and if you have multiple vendors like, CarGurus, DealerInspire ect. We will work with your current vendors so you can focus on Selling the Leads we generate for your Business.

Optimize your marketing with efficiency and creative solutions. Peak 9 Digital Agency creates marketing plans that focus on Lead generation & Helping you increase revenue. Our Ad guru’s know your industry in & out so we can help you grow & focus on what’s really important….SALES!