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man measuring floorboardsAre your phones ringing off the hook? If not, we need to evaluate your marketing plan. Did you know 26% of homebuyers are now Gen-Y and millennial ages?  These generations are all online. On social media, researching reviews, asking a friend for recommendations etc. Your website is the face of your company and this could not be any truer today than yesterday.  You are working in 2020 a year of changes. More people are working from home, searching the web and buying online. Your business should not be last on the list. With more and more new home buyers making repairs themselves or buying fixer uppers, they sometime bite off more than they can chew.

Peak 9 Digital has worked with home improvement businesses large and small to increase clients, branding and generate more revenue.

  • We refresh or create beautiful websites that are easy to navigate and efficient
  • Using a customized marketing plan we can target your customers directly
  • The home improvement industry is very competitive that’s why we continuously update your content, create attention grabbing social media ads and monitor your visibility on search engines.
  • Social media will keep people engaged; promote lead generation through form fills, promotions and PPC.
  • Don’t forget reputation management! Reviews are important so lets keep them positive.

This is the new way to generate customers. 

  1. You need to find customers who do not know who you are. (Marketing)
  2. Be the professionals and explain how to make a situation better, educate them. (Service)
  3. Finally, you want to make them a customer. Offer a solution that they understand and need. (Sales)

More and more interactions are happening online and the consumer has changed the way they are getting information and interacting. Gone are the days of having a handful of home improvement companies to choose from. Gone are the days we used all print ads, billboards and radio ads to stake your claim. NOW is the time to reach your consumer DIGITALLY.  When a majority of searches are done on potential consumers mobile devices it is clear where your messaging needs to be to be seen.

There are about 2.96 billion regular social media users on the Internet as of January 2020. Don’t miss out on that pie.

Get in front of a potential customer before your competition does!

  • Let’s strategize a plan that generates new leads
  • Let’s strategize a plan that offers promotions on Social Media
  • Let’s strategize a plan that takes your business to the next level
  • Let’s strategize a plan that separates you from the pack

Get a FREE Digital Analysis of your online presence TODAY!

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