2020 has changed the way we interact with clients and patients. Now that things have turned a digital corner, it is the best time to market your practice and generate new patients.  When it comes to healthcare marketing, we are the masters of the craft. Our years of experience working with professionals in dental, medical, health, wellness, cosmetic and chiropractic gave us the skill set to understand your patients. 

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  • We create beautiful websites that are easy to navigate and efficient
  • Using a customized marketing plan we can target your patients directly
  • The healthcare field is competitive that’s why we continuously update your content, create attention grabbing Blogs and monitor your visibility on search engines.
  • Social media can keep people engaged, promote your practice and generate more patients
  • Don’t forget reputation management! Reviews are important so lets keep them positive.

More and more interactions are happening online and the consumer has changed the way they are getting information and interacting. Gone are the days of having a handful of practices to choose from. Gone are the days we used all print ads, billboards and radio ads to stake your claim. NOW is the time to reach your consumer DIGITALLY.  When a majority of searches are done on potential consumers mobile devices it is clear where your messaging needs to be to be seen.

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Did you know on average 90% of Patients who have access to a patient portal will set it up but only 20% actually use it regularly?

Making the patient experience more convenient is key as well as making your practice a household name.

  • Let’s strategize a plan that books new patients
  • Let’s strategize a plan that offers promotions on Social Media
  • Let’s strategize a plan that takes your practice to the next level
  • Let’s strategize a plan that separates you from the pack

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How patient portals are failing healthcare, D’Arcy Gue, March 2019.